I thought this year would be hard on me, but while I was not wrong, it’s hardest on my daughter. 

Over time, I became used to figuring out what we were going to do. When she was younger, we went to my Aunts’ home with my mom and her family. We had some of her younger years alone and came up with our own traditions. Then I was in a LTR relationship and we went to his mom’s home and had fresh crab with tons of heavy foods and love and laughter. The first year we didn’t have that, we landed at an unknown place with a guy that I had just started dating. That ended up being the best Thanksgiving we had ever had. A bunch of Misfits joining together and having a great time. 

Since then, we’ve had this holiday as a family, at various other homes with friends. This year, my child is working Thanksgiving and I’m single. While I’m nostalgic a both the past holidays, I’m doing ok. My girl isn’t. She may be 18, but she’s a young child in many ways. Anxiety, sadness and feelings of abandonment are setting in. Tonight was pretty damn rough. 

Then she invited her guy friend over (which I hadn’t met yet), I pulled out Cards Against Humanity and then she smiled.

 I love her smile. 


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