You’re Smooth, Ridged and Play Me Well

During our first D/s scene, you placed them under my heels and I admit I probably snickered to myself that they wouldn’t do much. And then gravity happened. Those things can be so uncomfortable!

As time went on, you placed them between my hip bones and jeans (ridged side facing skin) for random pressing, to torment me while dancing or just for general fun. They also occasionally ended up over my nipples while dressed for parties.

I didn’t like them much, which you knew and was one reason why you kept using them on me. I began to enjoy them though. I began asking for them and depending on your mood, I received them or I didn’t.

Yesterday I was walking into work, wearing a coat that I hadn’t in quite a while, and what do I feel in my pocket? A single, solitary bottle cap. As soon as that ridged edge cupped my palm, I smiled, took a deep breath and knew that I could make it through this day. I knew, in that moment, bottle caps had become my friend.

It’s still in my pocket and I’m wearing that same coat today. One of my favorite things about that bottle cap is that it says, “Worth Sharing”, and I have to agree. I certainly am and I’m looking forward to when you do.


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